19 February 2009

Some People and Happiness

As I go about every day meeting new people and talking to them I can make out two different kinds of people. There are genuine and nice people who seem happy, and then there are folks who have a façade. I notice that there are many people who are afraid to show others who they really are. They are people who brag, show off, or talk/act in certain ways to create and impression on others. It matters very deeply to these kinds of people what others think of them and they constantly need reassurance. They look for attention and ways to prove themselves to others because they are unhappy. I believe the greatest feeling in life is happiness. Whether it comes from success, love, excitement, adventure, by whatever means you go about pursuing it the achievement of it is all that matters. So for example somebody who wears $400 jeans: Do they like the jeans because they love fashion and expressing their style makes them happy? Or do they wear the jeans to show off? If you are trying to show off you are obviously not very satisfied with yourself at the moment. This is apparent through your desire for other’s acceptance. A smoker… of any kind: do you smoke because it makes you feel good? Or do you smoke to look cool and try to impress others? I believe the most fascinating quality of a person is their passion! What is it that this person really loves? What makes them happy? What in their life have they found to be most fulfilling to them? It doesn’t matter to me if it’s someone that plays video games all day, or someone who travels the globe because of their passion for adventure, the excitement of seeing the world, and experiencing new things! Each to their own I always say. We can’t ALL be the same! There are billions of us, in fact no one individual is the same as another. That’s why we all lead different paths and seek different goals. If you’re looking for happiness you just gotta do your own thing. Enjoy yourself, and do whatever brings you happiness. I believe that is most impressive quality and really stands out most in a person. If you’ve found something you love to do, a passion, whatever it is that makes you happy? You do it, enjoy it, and you will live a great life.

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