15 August 2009

Long Time No See

During my summer of peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of college life at FSU I have been led down some very wonderful paths…
A path of culinary exploration: through my own cooking and that of some great (and horrible) restaurants.
I managed to attain a job in a struggling economy and EXCEL in a position that was, as some could say, way out of my league! I got to show others (the haters) that with my positive thinking and steadfast determination, even an 18-year-young college student with absolutely NO job experience CAN succeed in a position fit for a middle-aged man with a 4-year degree, contractor’s license, and twenty years of experience… Think I’m joking? The most important thing I learned this summer is that all it takes, to achieve anything you want, is believing in yourself. Call it cliché if you’d like, but the foundation of success is determination and when you have that, you can have anything.
I also learned the importance of enjoying and living in the moment that you are in, because if you don’t it will have flashed before your eyes. I also have learned that if you spend too much time thinking about those moments you lost you will only be giving up more moments of time that you should be cherishing! So living in the moment – something I have rambled upon before in this blog – is something I have learned how to do pretty efficiently this summer. Many of the life lessons and spiritual understandings I have stumbled upon in the past four months of my life have come out of a number of mind-boggling books I have had the pleasure to dive into this summer. Reading has been something I have, for a long time, disliked but now reading is something I find to be very peaceful, meditative, and inspiring. I think the most positive thing you can do with your time is to constantly be educating and improving yourself, although you should always be happy with the way you are, there is an infinite capacity for self-improvement. The root of the word self-improvement is often viewed in a negative context, but when you look deeply into the word improvement, it couldn't be any more positive. When you acknowledge that you are going to improve something - you are saying that you will take something good and make it even better. What a refreshing way to view the development of your self through your life.
Now that this “best summer of my life” is drawing to a close I can happily look back and say there was not a moment I regret or can’t consider well spent! Anytime you can observe that about a period in your life there are only three words that can describe it: SUCEESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS!

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